Philosophy: Character
  Self, individual others, and community
By creating an atmosphere that values and celebrates individual and cultural diversity, the Arbor School provides a seedbed for each student to develop a strong sense of self-worth and sensitivity to others. We support children's emerging capacities for positive social action: cooperation, empathy, and responsibility. Our goals for character development are based on the child's growing sense of self, understanding of individual others, and participation in the community.
Self-awareness and understanding
Self-confidence and self-esteem
Responsibility for one's actions and choices
Autonomy and self-reliance
  Individual Others
Capacity to initiate, develop, and maintain satisfying relationships
Interpersonal skills: communication, negotiation, and cooperation
Respect for others
Capacity to understand another's perspective
Capacity to function harmoniously and effectively with others
Responsibility and sensitivity as a group member
Concern for the common good of the group
Propensity to contribute to the welfare of the group
Sense of social responsibility
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