The Location The Arbor School of Arts & Sciences, a non-profit, independent elementary school, is situated on a lovely 21-acre campus 20 minutes south of downtown Portland, Oregon. A sizeable Library, a large indoor play space, a Design Studio, a woodshop, and a Music and Language Studio augment the spacious classrooms.
Our rural setting provides students with rich opportunities for exploration in woods, creek, and fields, for work with gardens and animals, and for joyful play on outdoor structures.
The Community Arbor School serves children ages five to thirteen. Each class is limited in size to assure individual attention through low student-teacher ratios. Mixed-age grouping is an important feature of the Arbor School, reflecting our belief that combining ages creates classrooms which focus on individual talents rather than on grade-level norms and enhances a sense of community. Children remain with one teacher for at least two years of their schooling, assuring educational continuity by sustaining the teacher-child partnership.
  The Experience The program is designed to support each student as an individual and to provide a sense of belonging and community. Active engagement in learning, concrete experiences, and interdisciplinary work are evident at all levels. Our expectations and our educational strategies reflect an understanding of children's needs and abilities as they grow and mature. This developmental perspective, together with a profound concern for the physical and emotional well-being of each child, permeates the Arbor School program.